V.Kay Production work in several areas of audio post-production:

TV, Movie and Radio Sound Production, Speech and Dialogue Editing – includes editing the pre-recorded speech material and audio content of video material, checking synchronous dialogues and eliminating extraneous noise.

Sound Effects Design and Editing – development of a sound design for your project. It includes a selection from audio libraries of thousands of sounds suitable for the production of sound effects (such as: the sound of a computer, laser gun shot, nuclear explosion, and more natural sounds such as: rain, city traffic, ocean, etc.). As well as using our audio libraries we can create unique sound effects that were previously unheard of. During the creation process we are using a variety of technologies to create a particular mood, in addition to the visual effects.

Music Composition, Arrangement and Editing – is a writing and arrangement of an original music (from motive to a full musical composition) which will definitely conceived to emphasize the dramatic component of your project. Also, we offer music compilation processes – selection of music from pre-existing songs and melodies.

Audio Content Mixing – is a mixing of all separate sounds and audio components of your project into one audio file. Our Audio Content Mixing process includes following steps: balancing, frequency correction, dynamic and spatial processing of the various elements of an audio material (such as Dialogue, Music, Sound Effects, and Foley Effects).

The online audio post-production price for your project will be calculated on the basis of amount and type of work. More details about ordering an online Production service of your project you can find here.