Mixing is a very important stage in a music production process that requires responsibility and professional approach. The process of mixing forms the unique sound of an individual track or the album as a whole. What means that all elements of the track are balanced correctly and meet industry standards, all instruments sounded clear, dynamically correct and transparent and the vocals are “on point” and the whole audio track has depth and width. Clever mixing will give to your composition not only a pro quality but an individual sound as well. V.Kay Production offers very high quality of mixing and personal approach to your music. Mastering process is included.

All you need to do is Export/Bounce audio tracks as a WAV or AIFF file and give them appropriate names (lead vocal, backing vocal, guitar, bass, keys, kick, snare, hi hats and etc.). All audio tracks can either be Mono or Stereo. All audio tracks can be 32-, 24- or 16-bit at 44.1 KHz, 48 KHz, 88.2 KHz or 96 KHz. All audio tracks should be without any effects on them (Compression / Reverb / EQ / Delay and etc.). Only leave those plug-ins that an integral part of a composition and work as a special effects or creative elements of a track or composition (such as Filter Sweeps, Delays and etc.), please provide the processed version of a track plus a ‘dry safety’ version too. You may also need to turn off any effects on your master stereo bus. IMPORTANT – please make sure that you will Export/Bounce each audio track from the same starting point (“zero point”) in your audio recording software. Compress all audio files into one ZIP or RAR archive file. You can upload your archive to any file sharing system (like Gobbler, Wetransfer.com, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) or website that you can trust and send us a link to it, also you can upload your tracks directly to our FTP server (email us if you would like to have access to our FTP server); also you can send us a DVD, CD or Flash Drive with your project. After receiving your material our engineer will test all the tracks and will let you know if everything is correct and in line with our requirements. More details about ordering an online Mixing service of your project you can find here.

More info about payment and all our bank information will be written in service contract and sent to you via e-mail.

For clarity and understanding,the following examples of the production stage of mixing, without mastering. Page mastering you can hear the same sound examples, but after the stage called mastering, i.e., final processing of the sound material.