Mastering – is the final part in a process of music production. When you have your music being already mixed and you are completely satisfied with the quality of a final mix – here is the time for mastering. What is mastering mean? In the process of mastering a pre-mixed audio track gets the pro quality sound and meets the industry standards as well, as mastering sometime may solve some errors of the mixing process (like: frequency imbalances, improper instruments balance, fuzzy and indecipherable vocals, improper compression, wrong stereo image and other flaws). The correct environment for listening, special techniques for working with EQ and compression, working with MS and other technological methods allows us to deliver your track from the mentioned above drawbacks to the quality of a pro commercial recording. We will make sure that the sound of your music will be absolutely the best as it is possible!

Once you have prepared your tracks as it described above, compress all audio files into one ZIP or RAR archive file. You can upload your archive to any file sharing system (like Gobbler, Wetransfer.com, Dropbox, Google Drive, Copy.com etc.) or website that you can trust and send us a link to it, also you can upload your tracks directly to our FTP server (email us if you would like to have access to our FTP server); also you can send us a DVD, CD or Flash Drive with your project. For the best result please send your material in a 24-bit WAV or AIFF file. IMPORTANT – please leave around -8dB and -6dB of headroom on yours track and remove Limiter and Compressor on your master channel and make sure the mixdown is not clipping. More details about ordering an online Mastering service of your project you can find here.

Our engineer will master one of your songs and send back a 1-2 minute preview of the final master version at no cost. That way you can hear the professional sound and sonic clarity our engineer will bring out in your music. Just send you a link to one of your songs on our e-mail mastering@vkayproduction.com

More info about payment and all our bank information will be written in service contract and sent to you via e-mail.