What we need from you when you order our online mastering service of a full album or a track:

1) For the best result please send your material in a 24-bit WAV or AIFF file. IMPORTANT – please leave around -8dB and -6dB of headroom on yours track and remove Limiter and Compressor on your master channel and make sure the mixdown is not clipping. Also, let us know if you have ISRC codes and CD-text information for your compositions. Please remember that mastering will not save a really poor mixed track, so get good mixing of your composition before you move to process of mastering!

2) Once you have prepared your tracks as it described above, compress all audio files into one ZIP or RAR archive file. You can upload your archive to any file sharing system (like Gobbler, Wetransfer.com, Dropbox, Google Drive etc.) or website that you can trust and send us a link to it, also you can upload your tracks directly to our FTP server (email us if you would like to have access to our FTP server); also you can send us a DVD, CD or Flash Drive with your project.

If you releasing a physical CD, we will burn for you a physical CD (Red book master). Please let us know if you want us to include your ISRC codes (these codes are identifying each track on your CD and allow royalty reporting). You can apply for ISRC’s by your own or through companies that provide ISRS registration (for more information about ISRC codes please visit: www.riaa.com, www.ifpi.org/isrc, www.cdbaby.com). If you are pressing many CD copies, your CD manufacturing company may require a DDP image of the whole CD – no problem just let us know about it!

3) After receiving your material our engineer will test all the tracks and will let you know if everything is correct and in line with our requirements.

4) Next we will send you a preview of your finished project. If you are 100% happy with the result of the work, then you make payment for the mastering service. We accept money transfers through MoneyGram, WesternUnion or direct bank transfers to our account. It is also possible to pay online via PayPal and WebMoney. More info about payment and all our bank information will be written in service contract and sent to you via e-mail.

For additional questions, please contact us via e-mail: